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"His range is extraordinary, and his on-stage presentation is at once commanding and full of charm. He is a talent of the first order who should appeal to diverse audiences throughout the world." 
Stephen L. Salyer President American Public Radio

"He is a true master of the jazz art form."
Mpls./St. Paul Magazine

"Bruce Henry is mellower than Nat King Cole." 
The London Financial Times

"Bruce Henry is a male standard bearer who has a voice that trancends all and leaves us spellbound."
Jay Edwards - WCLK Atlanta

The transformative powers of his artistry have permanently elevated the standards of his audiences and on top of that he'll entertain you to death."
"Gary Raynor, Bassist and Founder of the "Great American Songbook" 
"His voice is his horn, and he can swing like Goodman, spin and spiral like Parker, or levitate like Coltrane."
Andrea Canter - JazzInkBlog