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Vocalist, composer and educator

"His range is extraordinary, and his on-stage presentation is at once commanding and full of charm. He is a talent of the first order." 


Stephen L. Salyer, President American Public Radio

"His voice is his horn, and he can swing like Goodman, spin and spiral like Parker, or levitate like Coltrane."


Andrea Canter - JazzInkBlog

meet BRUCE

Known as a “man of great musical imagination,” Bruce A. Henry is an internationally known vocalist, composer, storyteller, recording artist and educator. Also, a man of great musical knowledge, Bruce teaches musical history, traditions and culture as he entertains and enraptures audiences with his vocal agility. Anchored in Chicago, Illinois, with strong ties to the Twin Cities, Minnesota, Bruce shares his expertise and musical creativity across the nation and overseas.

Bruce is a singer and band leader with a long history of stellar jazz concerts, moving R&B shows and revered tribute performances. Honoring the likes of Stevie Wonder, Al Jarreau, Marvin Gaye, Ray Charles, Duke Ellington and George Gershwin, his tribute shows entertain audiences with inspired interpretations of classics. As a vocal extraordinaire, he handles an eclectic mix of styles with ease.


Both his voice and mind are treasures, and a concert, residency or workshop with Bruce is not to be missed. They leave you lifted, enriched and energized from his performance and more knowledgeable, reflective and inspired from his innate ability to teach. And, teaching he does with The Evolution of African American Music, a program he developed of residencies, informative concerts and published curriculum. Time spent in community with Bruce and friends, whether in concert or workshop, is pure joy.

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Smiling Bruce Henry sitting on a chair in nature wearing a hat
Bruce wearing a dashiki shirt performing

A discography collection of Bruce's finest, both covers and originals. He transports, emotes and makes you get up and dance with his arrangements and vocal prowess.

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Bruce A. Henry singing on stage with drummer and guitar player

A master performer, Bruce's eternal professionalism, key musical sense and expectation of excellence shine through in every performance.

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Bruce A. Henry soulfully singing on stage

The Evolution of African American Music teaches about the rich, important and impactful history of African Americans in music. The Evolution is a fun, educational, multimedia and interactive experience for people of all ages. ​

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Let's Connect

To reach out or book Bruce A. Henry, email or call 612.990.8979. You can also sign the guest book here.

Bruce Henry leaning back on a city park bench smiling
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