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Bruce excels in multiple genres, including jazz, pop, R&B, soul, funk, gospel and contemporary. At the top of his range or the bottom, with a single note or a chord, Bruce never ceases to amaze, causing you to tear up or get up and dance. Bruce has an innate ability to move and awe, heal and celebrate. Simply put, he's one of the best.

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Bruce, Back in the day

The Bruce, Back in the Day playlist features songs from One Living Soul (2000) and Minneapolis: 1987, an unreleased recording. Mostly known for his jazz career, Minneapolis: 1987 gives us a glimpse of the R&B/pop side of Bruce. All songs except one are original and feature a number of Minnesota music legends, including producer/bassist Shaun Labelle, John Della Selva, Daryl Boudreaux, Lee Blaske, Dave Barry, David Eiland and Gwen Matthews, to name a few. Recorded at Spring Valley Studios.

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"The bell  pure voice of Bruce A. Henry."

Miami Herald

Henry's music infuses art with social consciousness, an effort that follows those earliest musical influences, from classic jazz voices along with Gil Scott Heron and Leon Thomas to gospel singers like Mahalia Jackson and James Cleveland. The soul singers from the 1960s and 1970s were also very influential in his growth and musical perspective. For him, music is a sense of human empowerment.

In that empowerment, the creative fire of musicians runs deep, and Bruce has gone deep, in his own recordings and through collaboration with other of musicians. You can find him on recordings by Marc Anderson, Dean Magraw and Steve Tibbetts. His past collaborations include Jimmy Jam and Bobby McFerrin.

"Connections is not just a masterful work, but also a portrait of the complexities and potential of the human spirit."


Mpls.St. Paul Magazine

"He proves he is not just a singer with outstanding skills, but also a man of  great musical imagination."


St. Paul Pioneer Press

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